Kristee is a public education advocate. She has two young children in Clark County public schools, and she worked on the campuses of low income schools across the state with a literacy nonprofit. Kristee will use her professional experience and her experiences as a parent to fight to improve public education in this state.


While students are at home practicing safe distance learning, school has become more challenging than ever for many students. Kristee wants to make sure all our kids have access to the resources they need to be able to successfully learn from home during this pandemic. As schools begin to reopen, she wants to make sure they are taking a science-based approach to keep all of our students, teachers, and faculty safe.

Kristee believes that every student in Nevada deserves to have access to a world class education. She wants to continue to raise teacher pay to ensure we are attracting and retaining the best teachers. Kristee also believes that it is critical that we reduce class sizes so that all of our students can get the individualized attention they need to be successful.


Kristee also knows that investing in our public schools means investing in our future workforce and our economy. That’s why she’ll work to implement more college and career readiness programs. She wants our local schools to provide more career and technical training for our students.


Kristee will fight to keep our tax dollars in our public schools and stop them from being diverted to private, for-profit schools with no oversight. She believes that a strong public education system is the magic bullet to our success as a state, and she is committed to improving Nevada public schools.