When Kristee was growing up, her family moved to Las Vegas to take advantage of Nevada’s business friendly climate and start their own small business. Their business grew and thrived, and they were proud to see their hard work pay off. Kristee knows that behind every small business is a family. For her family, that small business meant food on the table, shelter, clothing, and college tuition payments. She knows first-hand what it’s like to run a small business, meet payroll, and have your family’s livelihood, and the livelihood of employees and their families, all wrapped up in the success of that business.

Kristee has remained connected to her family business, Stagewrite Publishing, as an adult. After college, Kristee earned her stockbroker’s license and had a successful career in banking. During the Great Recession, Stagewrite Publishing was hit hard, just like so many other small businesses.

Kristee left her career in banking to go back to work at the family business to make sure it was able to weather the storm. With a lot of hard work and sacrifice, Stagewrite made it through the recession and is still operating today.

Kristee will be an advocate for the business community. She knows better than anyone what small businesses are facing during this tough economic time. Kristee believes small businesses will be key to our state’s recovery, and that we must work together to get our state back on track by working collaboratively with the business community.


As our state once again faces an economic downturn due to the coronavirus crisis, Kristee believes that it is critical that we work to diversify our state’s economy so that Nevada is less subject to boom and bust cycles. In order to achieve economic diversification, she wants Nevada to double down on its creation of clean energy jobs, particularly in the solar industry. Kristee believes we should lead the way in research for solar energy storage and the transport of solar energy to neighboring states. With our sunny days, land, and extremely low chance of natural disasters, Nevada is the perfect place to expand the clean energy economy and ensure our country becomes less oil reliant.


Kristee also wants to pursue expanding Nevada’s identity as a great place for technology companies. As tech companies rely on servers, the same things that make Nevada an attractive place for the clean energy industry translate into a good environment for tech companies - available land and low odds of natural disaster that could put servers at risk. Solar and tech industry jobs are good paying, reliable jobs that Nevadans need, especially at this time.